Final Bits

Development and consulting for Apple platforms.

Hi, I'm Jay 👋

I got my start by shipping apps independently just for fun. Since then I have led multiple successful teams at companies like Uber and Facebook, the most recent being the iOS team for Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses. As a founding engineer of the first Swift-based app at Facebook, I was the one responsible for the entire app experience from inception though launch, growing the team to 12 iOS developers along the way.

I have the 0-to-1 experience that can help you get your MVP built. I have also worked on some of the largest, most complex apps in the App Store so I know what pitfalls to avoid if you are trying to grow and achieve scale. Check out my resume to read more about my background.

As an expert in iOS and Apple platforms, I can provide extra support to you in an advisory role or on a contractual basis. Services include:

  1. Technical Expertise — I can set technical direction, architect best practices for your mobile team, or help you execute on whatever awesome features you are building next.
  2. Product feedback — I can scope out product features and discuss tradeoffs to help you move faster. I will respond within 24 hours and get you feedback from my network or provide personal feedback.
  3. Hiring — I can conduct technical interviews to ensure you find the right engineers for your team.
  4. Mentorship — I can provide technical mentorship to other engineers, helping them grow to take on larger roles and responsibilities at your company.
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